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Join me for a
VIP Strategy Mastermind Day


You're invited to an intimate, small group mastermind day, where we'll focus on specific & effective strategies for growing your online business.


You'll get access to the key lessons I've learned building two successful businesses in the last 5 years. And from the 12 + launches & 2000 paid students in my online courses... to help you skip the confusion, and achieve your goals quickly.


I LOVE working with creative, ambitious women, and this is your opportunity to have all your launching and sales funnel questions answered & to receive step-by-step guidance on exactly how to package, market and successfully launch your online programs and offerings to the world.


You'll walk away with a customised blueprint with a step-by-step breakdown of how to launch your online offerings successfully.

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Our Gorgeous Mastermind Location!

sound familiar

You have an online program or course... (or are ready to create one)

But you’re not getting traction in your launches,
you’re not sure of the next step, and the whole process of how to sequence
all the launch pieces together is leaving you scratching your head?


And what about Launch FOMO?

Do you look at big-scale launches happening around you and feel deflated,
and like its unattainable and out of reach?


Or are you feeling stuck in 1:1 service delivery to clients...

And you know you need to create programs to leverage your time,
but you don’t have the time, space or clarity to know how to move forward.


Does the idea of launching feel overwhelming?

Everywhere you look, someone is suggesting a different tool or technique to grow your business...
You spend half your time watching webinars & downloading opt-ins, trying to figure out what you should do...
(& then second-guessing everything anyway)


You know there has to be a key to piecing all the launch strategies together...

It’s enough to send even the most determined business
owner scurrying for a sugar hit & a glass
- scratch that, a bottle - of wine.

But what if it didn’t have to be so hard?

Escape the constant overwhelm of not knowing what to do in your business… and replace it with a step-by-step roadmap designed to get you where you want to go faster!


Let's spend the day focused on exactly what you need to do in your business, and map-out the steps to a successful launch! 



You'll walk away... with a plan of what to do next & how to implement the steps needed to launch your product and get people into your sales funnels!

Let's ditch the launch fear... you need an actionable plan that focuses on realistic numbers, not blind faith!

The VIP Mastermind Experience

  • We'll begin at 9am in a beautiful space in Brisbane, and jump straight into hot-seating your biggest business challenges and start developing your custom launch plan.


  • Whether it's list building, sales funnels, community growth or sales conversions, we'll dive into brainstorming and formulating a strategy that will work for your business goals.  


  • Our day is limited to 4-6 women who'll also bring their insights and experience to the table to mastermind ideas for your business.


  • Noone can think on an empty stomach! Morning/ Afternoon Tea, Lunch, Dinner AND Celebratory Drinks (oh yes!) are all included, so we can continue to chat after we've wrapped up our day.


  • Success is all in the follow-through!  We'll be chatting 1:1 two weeks after our Mastermind Day, for accountability, ongoing support (& cheerleading) and so you can ask any questions that have popped up in your implementation. This is a vital piece in the puzzle to ensuring your success.



It's time to launch with confidence!

 Clear Strategy + Implementation + Accountability = Your Success


STOP spinning your wheels (& signing up for every opt-in with a big promise), we’ll develop a strategy to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in as short a time (and with as little stress) as possible.


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If you imagine someone connecting a line through all the disjointed pieces of your business and presenting it to you in a way that is marketable and clear- that’s what Lou did for my business.

Working with Lou was an investment in my sanity and clarity. She gave me actionable steps for launching to a client base I was totally overlooking and helped me get clear on my goals so I could stay on track and market effectively.

I absolutely recommend Lou and her coaching to entrepreneurs who need to get unstuck and are looking for a fresh take. I feel so much more authentic when I do my thing and it’s easier to make sales when you’re feeling on the ball.

Sarah -

tracy pic

We came away from our session with Louise with the exact clarity and blueprint we needed to take action.

Truth is, the thought of launching was completely overwhelming for us as typical entrepreneurs who have way too may ideas.

Louise was able to break it all down, keeping our strengths, our audience and our product in mind.

We definitely recommending her to anyone who is interested in a successful launch!

Tracy -

jess pic

Clarity and calm. Accompanied by a massive sigh of relief and an even bigger surge of energy. That’s what I felt after working with Lou. She helped untangle all the different threads to plan out the best launch path to get where I want to go.

I love that she's followed all these steps and gotten results multiple times from *actual* experience... That is gold.

Also, her hyper-organisational abilities (i.e. military background at its absolute best!) has been a massive help — I love the way all my steps were itemised, followed up on all the loose ends we’d discussed. It made me feel more calm and ‘together’ about my launch than I had before. Lou you really are a gem, and I’m so grateful for your insights.

Jess -

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I needed help with my program launches as previous attempts had left me feeling a bit overwhelmed so I went straight for Louise as I have watched her transform her business, by mastering her launches. 

Louise has a tonne of creative flare but her real strength is her ability to take the big picture strategy and break it down into plan you can easily follow and execute.

That’s exactly what she did for me!

We covered all the bases right from messaging and positioning through to list building, pricing, timing and technology. I'm now looking forward to throwing everything I've got behind my biggest launch yet.

Melanie -

who is this for?

Our VIP Day is perfect for you if...

  • You have an existing business that's generating revenue, but you're not getting the traction you desire.

  • You have created an ecourse or online program, and you're not sure of the next steps in promoting and launching it.

  • You have an IDEA for a fabulous online program or ecourse, and you want a plan for validating, creating and launching it into the world!

  • You see so many 'formulas' and 'strategies' and you want to get clear on exactly which ones will work for your business.

  • You’re tired of seeing other biz owners kicking butt… and wondering what they know that you don’t.

  • You value time with your family and friends, and would LOVE to learn how to create systems and structures that allowed you to spend more time with them.

  • You’ve been longing to connect with other likeminded biz ladies who truly understand the journey and can support you along the way.

  • You love to have FUN, live it up a little and enjoy the process!

  • You want to learn from someone who’s in the trenches – who’s got high-level experience, who’s walking their talk, and who’s got proven, repeated results.

my story
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Hi! I’m Lou – Entrepreneur,
Pro-Photographer, & busy Mum to three gorgeous kids

Here’s the bite-size version of my story…

Air Force Officer to Boudoir Photographer to Online Entrepreneur... is this why they say that the journey is half the fun?

After 13 years in the military I made the jump into running a Boudoir Photography Business in Adelaide Australia, which I loved and it grew to allow me to leave my 'job' behind forever!  And then I discovered the online world and I knew that would work even more powerfully to help me balance my lifestyle (we 're traveling folk) and let me grow beyond the limitations of 1:1 service work.

And so I began teaching people the art of photography… and created – the online community where I've taught over 2000 women in my paid programs and thousands more through my online community, how to master their cameras and unleash their creative spark.

As a business mentor I love helping women achieve their goals, breaking down complicated processes and delivering concepts into easy, and actionable steps forward.

This is the only chance to work 1:1 with me in Australia this year!