What is Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir is a gorgeous new trend that allows brides to capture beautiful, fun and sexy images as a surprise gift to her new Groom on their wedding morning! I know right – it’s brilliant!

In the last couple of years I’ve been lucky enough to photograph over 100 women in Adelaide, Melbourne and Tasmania and thought I’d share exactly what Bridal Boudoir is.. and why I think its so fun and fantastic! Xx

Bridal Boudoir Examples

As a bride, would you love to surprise, delight and thank your Hubby-to-be in beautiful images that celebrate you as a gorgeous new bride?
If the answer is anywhere between a resounding Yes.. or a shy ‘Maybe, tell-me-more’ then I can assure you that Bridal Boudoir is a gorgeously relaxed experience that will knock the socks off your hubby-to-be!

You can enjoy a pampered day prior to the onset of your wedding, and momentarily escape the appointments, dress fittings and planning stress to focus on, and celebrate, yourself as a gorgeous bride.


Welcomed with a glass of champagne you’ll be indulged with a glamorous makeover and then a relaxed shoot of sexy, beautiful images which incorporate many elements of the wedding, such as your own wedding day lingerie, veil, and garter.

Bridal Boudoir sessions are usually held two months before your wedding, and take place in a gorgeous beachside hotel suite, and I won’t lie… my own favourite moment is when I receive an email post-honeymoon to let me know how much the Groom loved receiving the beautiful boudoir album filled with sexy images… of his wife!


“He did not expect it at all!  He was blown away & loves them!” Emily D


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